CONDITIONAIRE was established in 1952 and offers complete facilities including:
Design – Manufacture – Install – Service.

Systems are manufactured to comply with all relevant Australian Standards
and we offer NATA certification of new or existing fume cupboard installations.

Series 2000

CONDITIONAIRE “Safe-Tee” Series 2000 Fume Cupboards.
Constructed from ASAH® and incorporating many unique features.
Awarded an Australian Design Mark.

Series 1000

CONDITIONAIRE “Safe-Tee” Series 1000 Fume Cupboards.
Standard construction of fully sealed ASAH® material with many options available
to suit individual requirements.

School Type Fume Cupboards

CONDITIONAIRE “School” Fume Cupboards.
A range of units both single and double sided configuration to meet
DET/DOC requirements.

What Is A Fume Cupboard?

A fume cupboard is a partially enclosed work place that is designed to contain and prevent the spread of fumes to operators and other personnel.

It is mechanically ventilated by means of exhausting air through the working aperture and the exhaust system provides for the safe and remote discharge of diluted fumes outside the building.

Types of Fume Cupboards

Used for the majority of chemical work undertaken within the laboratory and hence these bench mounted types are the most common.

Used where additional consideration must be given to the hazards created by the use of perchloric and hydrofluoric acid, radioactive materials, flammable reagents or high temperature work.

Used where heavy fumes are generated and usually incorporate a perforated work base through which the air is exhausted downwards.

Used where access is required from separate areas and are fitted with vertical sliding sashes, which are inter-locked, on both sides.

Used where special or large apparatus is required which would not normally fit into standard size fume cupboards.

These units are ventilated by an induced flow through the working aperture and, by means of a filtration or absorption system, provide for the return of the exhaust air into the laboratory. Whilst the initial cost may be attractive, the cost of service and replacement filters is an ongoing expense. Note: These units are defined as fume cabinets, as opposed to fume cupboards and are covered by AS/NZS2243.9. These are not recommended for unrestricted use.

Conditionaire “ASAH®” is a tried and proven material suitable for all these types of fume cupboards.

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