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Nata CertificateWe provide the highest quality products and services that our industry has to offer. For over 55 years, Conditionaire International has provided, and continues to provide, innovative and reliable products and systems for installation, upgrades and maintenance of fume cupboards, air curtains, exhaust extraction systems and industrial fans.

As a service company, our continual objective is to provide the highest standard of service possible.

We work hard to deliver what matters to you: safe, reliable products and systems within your organisations facilities.

What makes Conditionaire different is our responsive people and the fact that we care.

At Conditionaire we understand the importance of servicing your equipment to maintain reliability and ongoing performance and are committed to providing our customers with the utmost in personal service and professional care for their systems.

We service a broad range of fume cupboards, air curtains, exhaust extraction systems and industrial fans manufactured both locally and overseas and we stock, or have access to a comprehensive range of spare parts to cater for most if not all makes of equipment, plus we have the ability to manufacture and to repair parts in our own factories.

Our dedicated maintenance team is on hand to deliver local care and professional support to you and your staff in a courteous and timely manner, setting new standards in service delivery.

Preventative Maintenance

Most customers and their equipment installations have different requirements so Conditionaire preventative maintenance contracts can be tailored to suit your facility and your commercial needs. We factor in all of the variables to make sure that you are satisfied with your maintenance program. We evaluate equipment type, age and condition relative to manufacturer specifications.Our trained technicians carry out routine maintenance on your installations to ensure that your equipment continues to operate in a safe and efficient manner

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